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A gray whale fluke

A Whale of a Day in San Diego

I’ve gone whale watching all over the globe. Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii (both Lanai and Molokai); about the only well-known places for whales I haven’t been are southern California and Alaska. Well, after a New Years trip to see the family in San Diego, I can now mark one of those spots off my […]

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San Diego Sea Lion Swimming

A Swimming San Diego Sea Lion

Last week while I was out whale watching with the family in San Diego, which I’ll write more about next week, we spotted a sea lion swimming through the harbor. Such a great sight, no matter how many I saw at La Jolla on my last visit.

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Anna (finally!) riding happily in the car

Driving Miss Anxiety

Listening to a dog pant heavily in a car for four hours is not nearly as enjoyable as it sounds. Trust me. As I approached Grand Junction from Denver, I was about ready to drive my car off the road and into the Colorado River. Four plus hours of listening to it had made me […]

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Spending the 2013-14 New Year in San Diego, CA

Looking Ahead to 2014 Travel

Where am I going in 2014? I’ve already been asked this several times this holiday season. And with the 2013 I had, I can’t say it’s an unwarranted question. But, quite honestly, and likely for the first time in my life, I really have no idea what my plans are for the coming year. I’m […]

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Christmas Card 2013

The Ghosts of Christmas 2013

Bah, humbug? Not to 2013! No way. Once again, this was a wonderfully fantastic year for me when it comes to travel. There’s always a lot to be thankful for, but I’m feeling particularly fortunate this holiday season. Why’s that? Because of so many amazing experiences this past year… I wasted no time getting away […]

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San Diego California La Jolla Beach

Christmas in San Diego

I’m excited to ditch the snow and cold this winter season, skipping out on the normal trip home to Minnesota and instead spend some of my holiday time visiting family in warm and sunny San Diego. It has been years since I’ve been there, and I’m ready to get back. Now, I just wonder if […]

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The McWay Falls in the state park

Driving California’s Big Sur

A little more than a week ago, I was driving through the Big Sur on California’s Highway 1. One little left turn out of Pfeiffer State Park and I was heading south around the bends, up and down the hills, all right along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful hardly describes it. Now, I’m sadly […]

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California's infinite coastline

Falling in Love with Big Sur

I haven’t posted anything new for over a week, because I was off to California’s Big Sur area for a writing workshop. While I was busy workshopping and focusing on my next book, a children’s fantasy story, I accidentally fell in love with the area. It’s hard not to, what with the towering redwoods, the […]

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